Macintosh Post 9.0 Agent Refresh (

Version 2

    *** This patch has been superseded by the June mac rollup and can be found here ***






    • Fixed: An issue where in some instances if delta scans were disabled in the enviornment then the inventory scanner would throw the error "Error writing to the baseline file..."

    Remote Control

    • Fixed: A memory leak in ldobserve which would consume all the memory on the client when it was being remote controlled.


    Security/Patch Manager

    • Fixed: An issue where ldpatch received a null value when parsing a plist it would crash.


    • Added: Support for Mac OSX 10.6.x (Snow Leopard)
    • Added: Better Remote Control support for machines with large or dual monitors
    • Added: -exec switch support to ldpatch (can now be used in custom vulnerabilities)

      For example to execute an .app file as a custom vulnerability package you would use the following in the Patch Install Commands:

          /usr/LANDesk/common/ldgidget %SDMCACHE%%PATCHFILENAME% -command "-exec"