"There is an error in XML document (1, 1)." error when a calculation process condition is being evaluated

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.x



    When a calculation process condition is being evaluated you see an unhandled execption message with the error "There is an error in XML document (1, 1).".  This can happen in various places:


    1. When performing an action in a process that has a calculation decision after it.

    2. When viewing an IPC (Incident, Problem, etc) record at a status which has a calculation pre-condition at it.

    3. When viewing a query which contains an IPC record in its results that has a calculation pre-condition as described in point 2.

    4. When logging in to Console.  This scenario can occur if an IPC affected by point 2 is in your MRU (Most Recently Used) list under the File menu of Console.

    5. When the Background Service runs it's EscalationPointMonitor.  This will show as the following error in the application log on the server the Background Service runs on (The module (RequestManagement) and the primary key will differ depending on the process that caused the error):


    Touchpaper Error Code: Exception.Background.EscalationExpiryActionFailed (-2147214591)

    Background processing error: Escalation Point expiry action failed for escalation point of class type 'RequestManagement.EscalationPoint' with primary key 'f1791aa5-dd76-4aab-ac43-454ec873ff3c'. There is an error in XML document (1, 1).



    The error message is caused by a software issue logged as Problem 4780.  The error occurs when the calculation used in the condition fails for any reason (when a calculation fails elsewhere it returns NULL and does not stop use of the product).




    To stop the error occurring you must either remove the condition from the process or fix the calculation.  To fix the calculation you can turn on logging to see the reason for the failure.  For more information on this logging and resolutions for common error messages please see the main calculation troubleshooting document at: Calculations Troubleshooting Guide.  One very common cause of a calculation to fail is trying to reference attributes that are not set.  You can add checking if these are set or not to the calculation, the main troubleshooting document covers this.


    If you are seeing the error when trying to log in to Console you'll need to get past this before you can modify the process or the condition.  You can fix this by clearing our the MRU list for the user you're logging in as.  To do this run the following SQL statement against the Service Desk database:



                        (SELECT TPS_GUID FROM TPS_USER WHERE TPS_NAME = ‘SA’) --replacing SA with the user name


    If you experience this issue please raise an incident with your Support provider to have your instance of the issue logged against the Problem record 4780.