Incidents remain inaccessible after using the Unlock Item utility (7.3.x)

Version 3

    In 7.3 - 7.3.2 inclusive, if you have over 13 locked incidents you may not be able to unlock the 14th and subsequent items - they will appear to unlock, but it will still not be possible to access them.


    In this situation the only way to be sure of a successful unlock is to run the following SQL statement:



    delete from tps_lock_item



    Important:  The above statement will remove ALL locks, including valid ones, so is best run when nobody is using the system.  Here is a less aggressive statement that only deletes invalid locks that don't have corresponding user sessions:



    delete from tps_lock_item where tps_user_session_guid not in (select tps_guid from tps_user_session)



    ***Always remember to take a database backup before running scripts***


    Please note, this issue is not present in 7.4.