Web Desk windows - version 7.3 to 7.3.2

Version 1


    I have created a window in Window Manager that has all of the fields and group boxes aligned.  When I activate this window for use in Web Access all the alignment I did is lost.



    When a window is converted for use in Web Access it is actually transformed in to a grid-style design instead of the absolute positioning that you design it in.  This grid-style design does not take in to account the field and label sizes on the absolute positioning form, instead, it chooses how large to make the field based on three properties:

    • The size of the field in the database - regardless of whether potential values in that field are much shorter
    • The font size of that field
    • The column span that the field currently has - this is a property of the field in window manager

    The program then calculates the optimal minimum and maximum field size from these values in a series of non-linear formulae.



    When designing a window for use in Web Desk it is often more productive to place the fields stacked up rather than side-by-side.  An exception to this rule is if you know that all three of the above values will be the same for all the fields you are aligning horizontally.


    Further Information

    When converting a window the program will endeavor to keep fields that have been left-aligned still left-aligned.


    The calculations used when creating Web Access windows in versions 7.3 to 7.3.2 will be changed in the 7.4 release.