LANDESK Security and Compliance Manager - List of URL sources for downloaded patches. 5/Dec/2017

Version 91

    LANDESK Security and Compliance Content URL source list


    The following is a report for all download locations used by Security and Compliance Manager.  This will be reported on a monthly basis.


    This list of URL's can also be retrieved from the LANDESK database by running the following SQL Query:


    select url from patch



    If you are having issues downloading LANDESK content, please see the following additional information:


    There are three different patch content servers:


    • US West Coast (
    • US East Coast (
    • EMEA (


    DNS on the core server must be able to resolve these host names. In addition the LANDESK core server will contact the following addresses:

    • Various vendor patch URL's as detailed in this article

    If using LANDesk Antivirus, the following URL's will be used for pattern file downloads:


    The following ports need to be allowed to the core server:

    • Port 80 (for access to patch download URL's)
    • Port 21 (for access to patch downloads from FTP sources)
    • Port 443 (for secure HTTPS access to the patch content servers)

    Check the proxy configuration and credentials within the Proxy tab of the Download Updates section of the Patch and Compliance tool.


    • Is it set to use a proxy server?
    • Does your environment require a proxy server?
    • Is the proxy server address correct?  (Can the core server reach the IP, server name or FQDN?)
    • Is the port correct for what the proxy server is configured to use?
    • Is this an HTTP based proxy?
    • Does it require login credentials?


    If it does require login credentials which format does it require?


         - DOMAIN\username

         - username

          - [email protected]


    Note: Some proxy servers require authentication protocols not supported by LANDESK (such as NTLMv2, etc)