How To: Silently Deploy a Remote Console in LDMS 9.0

Version 11


    Installing Remote Consoles has taken a step forward with LDMS 9.0 in that the Remote Consoles can now be configured into a Distribution Package.  The LANDesk Software.msi has been designed so that a silent, automated installation of the LANDesk Console is possible.


    The software used to be copied to the server in the ManagementSuite\Install\Media folder during the Core Server installation.  This software is no longer copied to the server.  Instead, the installation source can be extract from and can be copied to the Preferred Package server or where ever Distribution Packages are stored.


    Only a Run from source Delivery Method (requires a UNC share) is documented and supported.  A download from source from UNC or HTTP has not been tested.


    LDMS 9.0 Remote Console Deployment

    1. Copy the software for each Prerequisite package to the UNC share.

    2. Extract the installer to a folder and place this folder on the UNC Share.

    3. Create a Distribution Package for each prerequisite.  Make sure to configure Detection.  They must be UNC based in order to be dependent packages of the LANDesk Remote Console package so that a "Run from source" Delivery Method can be used. They must also be public packages in order to be available as a Dependent package.

      1. Creating a Distribution Package for Windows Installer 3.1 (no dependency)

      2. Use the following article as a template for creating a Microsoft .net Framework version 3.5 sp1 Distribution package. Creating a Distribution Package for Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86)

    4. Create an Executable Distribution Package

      1. Name the package LANDesk 9.0 Remote Console.

      2. Make Setup.exe the primary file. Located in the LANDesk sub-folder in the extracted install files.

    5. Add the following command line after the command lines that are generated by the Distribution package:



      The CORESERVER parameter is not required, environments with multiple Core Servers may leave it blank.
    6. Add both the Windows Installer 3.1 and the .NET 3.5 sp1 packages as Dependent packages.
    7. Create a new Policy Delivery Method that is set to Use run from source and set to be Always listed for distribution. This can most easily be done by cloning and modifying an existing Delivery Method.

      1. Go to Tools | Distribution | Delivery Methods.

      2. Expand Public Delivery Methods and highlight Policy.

      3. Right click on Always listed for distribution and choose clone.

      4. Double-click on the new cloned delivery method to bring up the properties.

      5. Rename it to Always listed for distribution - Run From Source.

      6. Under Network usage select Use run from source to deploy the files.

      7. Click Save to close the Delivery Method.

    8. Create a Scheduled Task and a use the newly created Distribution Package and Delivery Method.

    9. Target the LANDesk users' workstations and start the Task.

    10. On the LANDesk workstation, open the Software Distribution Portal.  The LANDesk 9.0 Remote Console is now available to the LANDesk user.


      Important!Once a Service Pack is released (it is always required to install the Service Pack on the Remote Console.  Applying the Service Pack to the Core Server, then installing the Remote Console, does not mean the Remote Console is installed with the Service Pack already.  The Service Pack must be applied.