Customised wallpaper to display PC config like IP, ServiceDesk Version, etc

Version 7

    GREAT TIPS FOR MACHINE your Server to display on a dynamic wallaper info such as; Service Desk version, ip, hostname, doamin, etc.


    You can  display on your desktop most of your PC configuration (i.e.: computer  name, ip configuration, user login, etc) .


    To do  so you can use an free utility name BGinfo. It was originally created by  systernal but now part of Microsoft.


    It is available  on the following URL:

         or from as a direct link


    I attach a screenshot of my desktop to illustrate  the benefits of such utility (see file attach name desktop-preview.JPG).


    * Step to install BGinfo:


    1.)  Downlaod the bginfo by going to following url:

    2.) Save it a location  on your PC where you will need to keep.

    3.) Now  JUST RUN bginfo.exe and personalise the details you like to display to your need.


         You can also display LanDesk Software version. (i.e.: Service desk version can be display too. Just run BGinfo.bgi to edit and add a custom field pointing to      the console.exe C:\Program  Files\LANDesk\LANDesk ServiceDesk\console.exe and select Version  info for a file)