Manual Configuration of vPro

Version 13

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5

    With different methods of provisioning this article is written to give a basic getting started using a manual method of provisioning.  (Provisioning is used in different places in LANDesk.  This is just a term used when enabling vPro funtionality in the LANDesk console.)

    This document is written as if LANDesk agent has not been installed on the client and is not in the database.


    Settings on the Core Server


    Setting the vPro password.  This will be the password that will be used to access vPro after it has been provisioned.


    1. In the LANDesk console select Configure | Intel vPro Options | General Configuration.
    2. Enter a strong password and confirm the password.  For getting started the other options in here do not need to be set.
    3. Select OK or Apply.



    Generate PID and Provision Passphrase(PPS)

    1. In the LANDesk console select Configure | Intel vPro Options | ID Generation
    2. Enter in the number of ID's to generate
    3. Enter a PID prefix can be alpha numeric

    4. Enter a batch name if needed.


    On the Client

    1. Once an ID is generated it needs to be entered into the client machines MEBX manually. (Different vendors and different vPro versions will have different locaitons to enter the PID\PPS combination.
    2. To enter the MEBx on a vPro machine the method can be a little different depending on the vendor and vPro versions.  The once standard method press ctrl-p key combination when it is presented on boot.  Newer versions have left the ctrl-p option off during the boot process to help with booting speed and have moved it to the boot menu options access with the F12 button.
    3. The first time into the MEBx the password should be set to admin, after entering it the first time you should be prompted to change the password.  This should be set to the same password that was set in the LANDesk console.

    4. Once the PID\PPS is set, if there has been an alias setup in DNS for provisionserver to point to the LANDesk Core Server then the machine should start sending activation packets.  If the alias has not been set then there is a section in the MEBx for the IP address and port of the server.  The port number is 9971.

    If the provisionserver is not set then the next steps can be used in the LANDesk console.  If the provision server is set then skip step one below.


    One the Core Server

    1. Another method that can be used to get the machine into the LANDesk database once the PID\PPS is set is to use Unmanaged Device Discovery(UDD) in the LANDesk Console.  There is a scanning option to look for AMT machines and when they are discovered they are placed in the Intel vPro section.
      Once the vPro machine shows in the UDD console it can be moved to the inventory database.  One thing that may be noticed is the name of the machine.  It can show as the IP address of the machine if the Core Server is not able to resolve the IP address to a name with DNS.  The name can be changed before moving to the inventory.  Right click and select edit and change the name.
    2. Once the name is correct the machine can be moved to the inventory.  Right click and select "Move to Inventory Database".  One thing to note is that machines without a PID\PPS can be discovered by UDD but they will not be able to be moved into the inventory.
    3. Once the machine is added to the inventory then the vPro functions should be enabled.