• How to migrate legacy studio client com application

    We have old legacy application in VB6 for studio client Is there any way to migrate to android os?
    created by Jerko
  • What is the best way to test the changes and enhancements in LANDesk Service Desk?

    I have one production and one staging servers for Service Desk but I feel that there should be different ways to test the different changes, because simply it is not useful to do everything on the staging and take it ...
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  • How to migrate inventory scans from one core to new core without updating agent

    We had performed an side by side upgrade from version 9.6.3 to 2017.3, what is the fastest way to get devices from old core to the new core without upgrading agent
    created by neon88m
  • Can't find CIs

    Hello Support team,   I created new Configurations Items, but i can't see it in  Administration/Service catalogue/Available CI's. Could you please tell me how could I make them visible on this list?   ...
    last modified by charif
  • Landesk console not able to login for my team member. Getting permissions deny during login for both C3 and N4 region.

    Getting permissions issue while logging to Landesk console. attachment added.
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  • Can I update Landesk Agents to version 9.6?

    I have the core version 9.5
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  • Looking for Training Courses

    I'm looking at taking the ILT-SMA-1701: Service Manager Administration (HEAT Service Management Admin) course but the price is a bit steep. Are there other Ivanti verified training options out there?
    created by marquetm
  • Upgrade path for DesktopNow suite

    I am currently running the following products and versions and was trying to find out how to upgrade to the latest version of each product (preferably as an in-place upgrade): Application Manager 8.9 Environment Man...
    created by jconomos
  • iOS - LD enroll

    Hello,   its there an universal setup step by step what must be done to enroll iOS ivanti agent to LDMS 2016?   I found just this two documentation:   How to Enroll an iOS Device in LDMS 2016 How to...
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  • Appsense Architecture

    Hi All,   Can some please share a document to understand the AppSense architecture in brief and how it actually works ?. It will be really helpful for me
    last modified by Otsuka
  • Preferred Servers

    We are using about 75 preferred servers globally.  We are currently noticing that when you modify or delete a file on the core.  That file is not being removed from the preferred server.   We have ...
    created by mpinkos
  • How to uninstall LEMSS without password?

    How to uninstall LEMSS from workstation without password? The server is allready uninstalled.
    created by donatask1
  • Padding an IP in Ivanti Landesk

    Anyone have any idea how i can remove the extra 0's in an IP as far as using in a column set, aka pad the IP address?   Thanks, J
    created by tsujared
  • Adding permissions to newly created Roles

    How would I add the option to Inspect a workstation within landesk management console? Attached is example, we are needing to give this option for the Remote Control
    created by TonyOgles
  • Where's the SU1 2017.1 patch for Endpoint Manager?

    I thought this was due out today?  Can't see it anywhere.
    last modified by AaronWills
  • Error when trying  to connect ‘User Personalization’ through personalization server.

    When try to connect 'User personalization' through on of personalization server, getting a error prompt.   Error - "The server is currently unavailable. Please contact your system administrator ''.
    last modified by Otsuka
  • How can I assign a parameter to a distribution package?

    I should put the name of a user or a directory to a general installation package, as is known from many applications. The script inside the package has place holder to work with the parameters. The script itself can...
    created by FrankMorgner
  • Service request design

    Hello, I want to design a service Request like the one below and i can't find how in the specification. Could you please help me.         Thanks, Charif
    created by charif
  • LANDesk2016.3新版本核心服务器支持哪些Oracle数据库版本?急求

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  • FrontRange Solutions Discovery latest Version Trial Downlaod

    Hi Guys, I am wondering if someone can refer me to the download link for the latest version of FrontRange Solutions Discovery? The latest trial version that I am able to download from the link https://go.ivanti.com/...
    created by Hameed