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    Inventory Scans not processing after upgrade from 9.0 SP4 to 9.5 SP2

    Bradley_M Apprentice

      After upgrading from 9.0 SP4 to 9.5 SP2 our processing of inventory scans has slowed down to almost nothing.  Restarting the inventory service will give a momentary jump to it but then it slows down again.  I have tried messing with the settings in the Configure->Services section but nothing appears to make a difference.


      Both the resource monitors on the core server and database server are showing hardly any load.  Right now the ldscan folder is 2K scans and 5 hours behind which we obviously won't be able to accept.  At the moment the client agents themselves are still running 9.0 SP4 agents but I wouldn't think this would make a difference.


      Anybody have suggestions?