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    Porting existing image over to landesk Provisioning

    ryan.boldt Rookie

      Our department had been previously using FOG for imaging machines.  I took our base image and imported it into a virtual machine for the convenience of having snapshots at various parts of image creation (snapshot just prior to sysprepping, etc) and that has been working out very nicely.  So I was able to create a provisioning template in landesk to deploy our base image to our machines.  As per the Landesk provisioning pdf it says that I can either capture an image in oobe  mode with generalize box checked, or in audit mode with the generalize unchecked.


      I captured this vm base image in oobe mode with generalize checked and tried my template on an older laptop.  The template worked great from start to finish with no issues, installed and activated windows, and installed our landesk agent.  However I realized that I had not enabled HII in the template and was relying on a c:\drivers folder on the base image that contained the older machine's drivers.


      So I added the HII action to my template in an attempt to image a newer model machine that did not have drivers in a c:\drivers folder on the base image.  It was at this point (after much googling) that I stumbled across the (i may be wrong here) that the portion of the unattend file "audit system" which sets the lddriverstore for landesk to store its drivers, will not run in the oobe mode and will only go through that pass in audit mode. 


      So i went back to my base image vm, launched sysprep, set it to enter audit mode without the generalize checked. set it to shutdown.  Then recaptured my image with landesk.


      Now when I attempt to image the older model laptop with hii enabled windows attempts to start after hii, it sits at "setup is preparing your computer for first use" indefinitely.


      Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks, Ryan

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          ryan.boldt Rookie

          I waited even longer and it did eventually move past "setup is preparing your computer for first use" and then proceeded to sysprep /oobe /generalize / reboot as is what I have set in my unattend.xml in the "audituser" pass which is based off the win7x64unattend.xml provided via the landesk pdf here on the community.


          My guess is that I shouldnt be having the computer syspreppping to oobe again during the provisioning process.


          I'm contemplating removing the audituser pass from my unattend and see if that works.  Problem with troubleshooting imaging is that it takes awhile to re-image a machine again and go through all of the steps.

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            Hi Ryan


            What version of LANDESK are you using?  One thing to make sure of is that you create C:\Windows\LDDriverStore either in your image or create it using an action within the provisioning template (I prefer the latter).  This is where the HII action will copy all the drivers to.  Just make sure the create directory action goes before your HII action


            Also, what method are using for HII? UNC or HTTP?  In your driver store, have you extracted all the files?  I tend to sysprep using oobe /generalize /shutdown to capture an image as it works better when injecting the computername into the unattend.xml. Win7 does go through the 'setup is preparing your computer for first use' process a couple of times during the setup. Also you may want to add <PersistAllDeviceInstalls>true</PersistAllDeviceInstalls> to the generalize section of your unattend at the end to prevent Windows from removing all your newly detected drivers during setup. 


            Post your unattend.xml and your provisioning template and we can take a further look


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              ryan.boldt Rookie

              Thanks for taking the time to reply Martyn.  We are running 9.5 sp 1.  I have not been creating the c:\windows\lddriverstore manually or through provisioning as I was assuming that the HII action was doing this.  I am currently using HTTP for my drivers and have allowed the config and other file types in IIS. 



              I have attached my unattend.xml file to this reply.  It is my understanding that the "auditsystem" and "audituser" passes of this unattend are not used at all if my image is oobe /generalized and not audit mode.

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                Tracy Expert



                There are many different ways to accomplish this.


                Here is how I do it (well, the parts that pertain to what you need to get through mini setup)


                Install base image, customize, patch and leave in Audit mode. (I don't run sysprep to enter audit mode, I use ctrl+shift+F3 after new install)

                (I don't pre-create and drivers directories or anything. Pretty much install, patch and customize settings)

                run sysprep /oobe /generalize /shutdown (I don't point to an xml here)

                capture the image after it shuts down being careful to not let it boot up before capture


                Deploy the image with your template and include an "inject script" action for your unattend (to create c:\windows\panther\unattend.xml)

                Add an HII operation to enumerate hardware and inject drivers. The c:\windows\lddriverstore folder will be created automatically.


                That should be enough to get the machine through sysprep (drivers and unattend.xml) Once you have that part working, you can start adding more template actions to meet your end goal.


                If you still have hangs/"bluescreen of death", boot back into WinPE and see what drivers were copied to c:\windows\lddriverstore and make sure the appropriate driver(s) were injected.


                I'm not sure if you need all that stuff you have in the Audit pass


                I have attached my xml if you want to see if it works for you