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    Cancel job still active


      I cancelled a batch task deployment.  But the machines still show as active.  the weird thing is that these machines are not on. And since the task has already been canceled, I cant not cancel it again.  Should I just delete the job or will it still try to run when the machine does come online. If I delete the machines,it comes back.

      I am on LDMS9 SP4.

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          sterling22 SupportEmployee

          Yes, just delete the job.  If you can't delete it you might have to restart the scheduler service to get the job to completely fail out then you can delete the task. 

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            Rick.Smith1 Expert

            I have this issue all the time, even on LD 9.5 SP2, which I had prayed would stop this from occuring.
            sterling22 is correct. You have to go in and stop the scheduler service and start it again, then you should be able to delete the task.


            If your just looking for the Active\Pending Successful\Failed to look normal again, it wont. You can restart the task instead of deleting it as well. Depending on what it is and your logic, it will re-run or may just detect that its all good and move onto the next device.


            Keep in mind though, restarting the scheduler service can inturrupt anything else you have going on. This seems to disrupt any automated recurring tasks we have scheduled and we always have to go in and re-set these up. Major pain, wish this would get resolved.

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              I deleted the job, but it seems to be cached on some machines.  I deleted it from the machines cache director, but it keeps coming back? My bad for not unchecking "disable client queuing for this package".  Where can I change the status of this job or find the cached director.  I already removed it from ..\ldclient\sdmcache but it keeps coming back.  I even deleted the package and location of file on the landesk server.