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    various authorisation query for self service

    neil_p1000 Apprentice

      Hi all


      Im looking for some advice on building a query for Self Service.


      For certain service catlogue items we have various levels of authorisation i.e. Line Manager, Business approval and service owner approval. So for the end user we have a query in the portal which is Request to be authorised by me which currently has criteria of


      status is equal to (awaiting Line Manager Approval)

      AND Line Manager is Current User


      which works fine and the Line Manager sees the request and can approve. But my question is how can we get request for business approvals to appear in the portal as well. Currently we have business approval support groups (directorate) set up for different parts of the business with end users as members but if a end user (manager) is a member of multiple groups how do I get the Request to display as the only criteria i can see is


      Raise user.Directorate.Approval Group.Approval Group Is current Group


      which means that the requests will only appear for one Support Group if the end users current Group is that Group.


      Hope this make sense as hard to explain. Any advice would be great