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    Search for all *.mdb files and report details


      Hi folks, It's been a long time since I've posted here now that I am in a "set it and forget it" world.  Now that I am at LDMS 9.5 SP2, I am a little foggy on how to search for and report on all *.mdb files.  It seems ldappl3 has all changed and I am thinking I need more of a modeled data result than just a count, etc. I can VBScript this, but I am opting not to.  I am looking for the easiest method or suggestion on how to search local drives for *.mdb and perhaps have them all listed in Custom Data - Access Databases, with file location, size, time stamp, etc. I've done this with PSTs a while back so I assume I can do the same for an MDB?  I've searched the forum and came up with a few suggestions but most are either unanswered or over 1 -3 years old and they don't seem like the best approach. Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance.