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    ldprovisioning.cmd not being called?


      Hi All, I'm fairly new to Landesk (9.5 SP2), I've setup a provisioning template using the guide here. The template works through fine until I hit the CTOS stage. It deploys my image, injects my unattend.xml (which is basically unchanged from the example) and performs HII. It then boots into windows and nothing happens. The windows machine now has:


      c:\ldprovisioning folder populated with files

      unattend.xml in both c:\ and c:\ windows\panther


      It does not seem to have a scripts folder or setupcomplete.cmd in c:\windows\setup


      If I manually run the file in c:\ldprovisioning\ldprovisioning.cmd then it continues as normal onto the next steps of template. Is there something i'm missing here? Why isn't it automatically running the ldprovisioning.cmd. It's such a small thing but its doing my brains in!