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    Where's the Beef, I mean Documentation - 9.6

    zman Master

      So most of you know I'm old so I may be missing something, but where is the "real" documentation for 9.6? I see the normal matrix and best way to install, the very brief items on Reboots, etc.... but I don't really see the meat. There was a major overhaul of software distribution, etc... but I can't find anything. I look at the guides and only see 9.5, help.landesk.com shows 9.5 Google searched for and found this http://help.landesk.com/docs/help/zh_TW/LDMS/9.6/default.htm but very sparse. Sort of like getting a toy for Christmas without the instructions.  I'm downloading the 2.1 GB distro now so hopefully there will be more in there.....

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