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    Dell Optiplex 7010 HII Driver Issue

    MrGadget Expert

      Landesk 9.5 SP2


      After Provisioning a Dell OptiPlex 7010 using HII it freezes. blue screens and /locks up after 10 minutes or so. After exhaustive troubleshooting I've narrowed it down to the intel management engine drivers.


      It was picking the drivers from another model so I assigned the drivers from the ones I downloaded from Dell for this model. This caused it to not install the drivers and it showed with a yellow exclamation in Device Manager. Of course this also causes it to NOT blue screen, freeze or lock up.


      Any one else having problems with a Dell 7010 and drivers?

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          Does the driver install when you just point the entry in Device Manager into the Dell drivers folder you downloaded?


          I found some drivers (like fingerprint for exmaple) require an MSI install so I created a driver package for the specific model and added an HII action for when it hits the OS.




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            MrGadget Expert

            When I point the entry to my Driver Database it does not install.

            However when I extracted the zip from Dell and pointed it there it worked. In my Driver Database I only put the Folder from the Dell extraction zip that contained the MEI and SOL drivers and that always worked up till now.


            Apparently there are more files it needed and I don't know which ones so I put there entire extracted zip files in the driver database and it works now. I hate putting tons of garbage files in there but theres no way to know which one or ones it needed.

            Running Hiiclient /preview only shows the main driver file.

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              You can always look at the newly installed device in Device Manager and check the drivers being used. Then only include the .cat and .sys files with the same name in your driver store.


              See attachment for example:

              driver details.jpg




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                MrGadget Expert

                Peter, when I do like you say I only see a heci driver which is in my driver database but apparently there are associated files which do not show up in your example that are installed too. Therefore I put all the extracted files from the Dell Driver zip file in the database and it finds what is needed.

                To make another point, none of this was required in my older models, it seems like the newer models are getting more complicated.