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    HII Driver Management Assigned Driver not installed

    Johann Apprentice



      we have an issue with the HII Driver Management. I tried populating the db for a HP EliteBook2170p. So far it worked for all the pnp drivers which are perfectly installed during the first startup after the image deployment. Now we have a dedicated graphics card driver (Intel) which should be installed instead of the "default-vga-grphics card" (don't know if its called like that in english, just a guess).

      So here is what I did:

      - created a package with the setup files and the correct command line

      - went to HII Driver Management and selected "Assign"

      - chose the correct Make, Model, OS and Architecture. It showed me a list from a captured inventory with all the drivers in there

      - selected "Driver Package" and the respective device out of the device list on the left (the hardware id is the one i can see in the device manager on the HP machine)

      - created a provisioning template with a HII action in "system configuration"

      - scheduled the template and ran it on the client but nothing happened


      All the configurations were done on the core directly. We are running 9.5SP2 with no component patches so far. Does anyone have a similar issue? Am I doing something wrong?

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          Couple of things:


          1. Have you check the HIIClient.log stored in C:\ldprovisioning? Does it even attempt to install the driver package?

          2. Instead of assigning it to a VGA adapter try expanding through all your Device Manager entries and find something common across all your models (like processor) with only 1 entry inside it. If you point your package to this you can be sure that 100% of your machines have this device installed.