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    LANDesk Admin/ Day to day job


      Morning All



      I am interested in finding out how many administrators do this along side a normal day to day role of support?


      I am asking because I have a lot of ideas for our system but just lack time based on my normal role to be able to fully focus. Also as the only admin person to be doing anything useful for the business I am trying to get a case for me to move into Admin full time.


      Your responses would be most welcome





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          Hi Nay,


          From what i gather from taking to others we are very lucky as we currently have two full time LANDesk System Administrators (Myself and another) which allow us to take our LDSD Implementation to the next level, we are also 2nd Line Analysts and do some support for them but 95% of our time is dedicated to LDSD. I'm sure one day we will take on some more 2nd Line bits or hopefully LDMS and LMP .


          You need to be able to concentrate and constant distraction is hard. It all depends how much return on investment etc your company want to get from LANDesk, we have found so many efficiency savings and benefits with LANDesk Service Desk and have really made our Analysts jobs much simpler with lots of exciting things planned for the future.


          Good look to you and you case to become a LANDesk person full time, it is a great tool and a very rewarding job .


          Best Regards,


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            Thanks for the prompt response Dan!


            I hear what your saying, can you confirm what LANDesk courses you have been on? I have been on the boot camp one not sure whether I need to go on the process one yet.


            I think I am going to be expected to do a dual role for sometime, I am getting blasted globally and expected to support outages as well as 100's of users in my rental centre alone.

            I see the benefit of investing time in LANDesk for sure, not sure whether the company shares my vision yet but I am working on it.

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              Hi Nav,


              No worries .


              I have been on Bootcamp, Process Designer, Reporting and the Self Service one. All very good and Colin (the trainer) is a great teacher.


              Personally i learn best in a sandbox environment, playing with ideas and concepts before transferring them into PreProd and then Prod. It all depends how you learn best and for me it is hands on with the tool.


              I know it can be hard for manager buy in and they do not always see how long some builds can take (they expect it to be built, documented and singed off overnight in some cases).


              We are very lucky as my company have seen the power of the tool and the benefits it brings the business. In the coming weeks we are launching Self Service as a custom non LANDesk recommended build method, it will be interesting to see how that goes *crosses fingers*! With Self Service we are not using the shopping basket frontend system that would be fairy simple to use, instead we have a very bespoke all singing and dancing build tailored to our business (healthcare people with little IT experience).


              Good luck in you challenge, the community is fantastic for learning and if you get stuck there is usually someone who can point you in the right direction.


              Best Regards,


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                John Stuart-Robson Employee

                And the Consultants are pretty good too

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                  That's exactly the setup I need, I only currently have a pre-prod and production environment. I broke the test system trying to implement a request process that messed up a lot of peoples work...


                  I just got to keep fighting the good fight "when I can" and see what transpires.


                  I too learn best by doing it, reading from a book is no good and listening to a trainer is only beneficial to the extent of learning new ways or tricks for me.


                  I have had the "hard knock life" route of learning it's broken fix it!


                  However I hear what your saying, I'm currently in the process of pushing users down the self service route, it's made more difficult when the analysts don't even use it globally. So again another battle I need to gear up for.


                  Thanks for the feedback and I hope your self service roll out goes well.

                  Well wishes




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                    The thing with the consultant we have I don't get to spend much time with her as everyone pulls her to work on their process no consistency and it's not thought out properly. I am working on reigning it in and taking full control but not until I am doing it full time.


                    The consultant has given me a lot of food for thought and I appreciate that external feedback and thought process.

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                      How could i miss you guys out! LANDesk Consultants & Pangea Consultants are great too, although we very rarely use them anymore as we do a large amount of the complex and awesome things they do inhouse now. We haven't had something we could not crack for a fair while .

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                        I manage a help desk of 8 and am the administrator of Service Desk, LPM, SSRS report writer (for Service Desk), and admin a few other databases I wrote for our use.  We are one of 4 help desks that use Service Desk on campus, support about 30 departments, 110 users, and create about 40,000 incidents a year.  I do a lot of integration and were looking at adding Problem (possibly as software creation/maintenance), PMO, Service Catalog, and HR modules soon.  I find that I am in your same boat, I can't do both.  I see myself spending less and less time with managing the help desk and more with Service Desk.  Been here 10 years so it's hard to trust anyone else.

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                          Thanks Nav, good luck to you too!


                          Remember, if your DB platform can handle a few more DB's then get some created! Also point in time restore is your friend.


                          We have 9 Dev DB's currently, 3 that we use just about every day:


                          25-07-2014 13-04-41.jpg


                          LDSD_Tools holds all out SQL Monitoring i created, LDSD_Sandbox is for playing with ideas, LDSD_Projects is for projects that we then DT out into PreProd, LDSD_PreProd is what we push to production using TTL and LDSD_Stage is the test before we go to production.


                          Get yourself a playground DB and have a play .


                          Best Regards,


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                            Private companies for the win i think! It is a shame when you cannot find time and LANDesk is such a vast product with just LDSD you need time and a fair amount of it to develop and get the most out of it.


                            Our main problem is that nobody likes change and new things no matter how much simpler it makes their jobs.

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                              That's how I feel, I don't trust anyone to do it right so I making a rod for myself.


                              Globally we log a lot 500,000 incidents a year 24 hours round the clock support so hard to implement any changes without affecting someone, upgrades are a pain only can be done on weekends and a massive issue.


                              I feel your pain

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                                complicated due to the size of the company we have dedicated Support for DB's and I need to explain the cost and support required. massive hierarchy of things here.


                                I know it's simple, it's all to do with business bull.....

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                                  We have a similar story with a 24/7 Service Desk, i have another guy who works with me (to keep up in case i go under a bus) but i try to do as much as i can as it's my baby. Nav with that much throughput i would say at least for a while you should have someone full time on the LANDesk Project and small releases with Test to Live is the best way forward as it saves you doing hours of duplicate work etc.

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                                    Do you not have Change Management or Request Management, surly you log a ticket in LDSD and it sits with a team for a while until it magically appears . If you get on better with the Procurement department then you could with a beefed up computer host LANDesk and SQL locally for no SW cost as an option?

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