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    F5 function key is not working in SAP ITS screens


      Hi experts,


      We are using SAP ITS RF and wavelink browser on intermec CK3x devices. We are having an issue with F5 function key. When F5 is hit, the screen just refreshes and it does not do the intended action. It looks like the key code "F5" is not being recognized by ITS template.


      In the ITS template, we have maintained the following meta tag for "F5".

      <META HTTP-Equiv="OnKeydispatch0x74" content="Javascript:setFKey('5');">


      The keyboard test gives the following key codes for "F5".

      F5 = 3F00 under the keyboard test

      F5 = 0074 under the windows keyboard test


      Am I missing something.?


      Thanks in advance.

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          cachilli SupportEmployee



          I am by no means a meta expert but looking at the tag you included I would have to say remove the "dispatch".. Wavelink documentation for on key events are below:




          OnAllKeys, OnKey, OnKey0x



          The OnKey and OnKey0x META tags describe an action that will occur if a particular key is

          The OnKey0x format requires a hexadecimal number and the OnKey format requires a

          OnKey50 and OnKey0x32 respond when the user presses 2.

          OnKey65 and OnKey97 respond to both the upper and lowercase A.

          The OnAllKeys tag will perform the specified action each time any key is pressed. The action type can include one argument, which is the string representing the decimal value of the key.