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    PXE-E11 - Arp Timeout






      When attempting to boot a laptop via PXE for imaging, I get the "PXE-E11 - Arp Timeout" error after selecting the WinPE Menu option on the F8 menu. I see the BOOT SERVER IP, then the error. Any ideas?









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          PXE-E11: ARP timeout.


          PXE ROM will retry the ARP request four times, if it does not get any

          valid ARP replies, this message is displayed. This error can be caused

          by a number of network and service configuration errors. The most

          common are:

          Setting the DHCP Class Identifier (option 60) on the DHCP server and installing the proxyDHCP on a separate machine.

          Using routers that do not respond to ARP requests.

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            was there a solution directly for this??


            im not following how telling me about DHCP has affected the image deploy on this single laptop, the rest of my images work fine from the same location and segment of the network??




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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              So are you saying that every other piece of hardware works fine on that same port on the switch you have the laptop plugged into?


              If every other machine works fine, then the problem is the machine. Maybe it is a bad NIC.  Or maybe a bad BIOS, the PXE is part of the BIOS.


              It could be something you never expect.  For example, a Google search for PXE-E11 came up with HP's site that has some very rare causes.


              There are a ton of google links on a search for PXE-E11.  Hopefully, you will see something that matches your environment (assuming a BIOS update doesn't resolve this).

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                rmeyer SupportEmployee

                Restarting the LANDesk PXE and LANDesk PXE MTFTP services on the PXE rep resolved this error for one of my customers.