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    Help with a Conditional Filter


      Hi Guys


      Wondering can anyone point me in the right direction.  I haven't used a condition on a filter before and I can't seem to get it to work the way I want it to.


      At the minute we have a filter on ProcessManagement.ProcessAssignment.Group to show only Groups of type = Support Group.  All lovely, and anywhere I have Group on an assignment window all I get are Support Groups.  Now what I want is to further filter this list when a particular process is used so only 3 specific groups show.  Found Jenny's article on Filter Training http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-21625 and it all makes sense but mine won't work


      Is it possible to have 2 filters, the 1st that says "If current process is XXXX" then add filter otherwise use the next filter??  What I was doing was setting filter 1 to be my new filter and set with a condition of Process/Lifecycle/Title = DRD Change, and then having the current filter as filter 2, assuming if filter 1 isn't used then it moves to filter 2, all I'm getting is filter 1 used for every process assignment.


      Suppose I could take the filter off the Process BO and reapply at every other BO Assignment.Group but that sounds like a lot of hassle.


      Any help greatly appreciated, cheers



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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Helen,


          we had the same challeng a few years ago but unfortunatelly that's still not possible. Let me try to explain what the problem is.

          Let's say you have lifecycle "Testincident" and create a condition on your Assignment.Group that only 3 specific groups are available if the lifecycle is "Testincident".

          If you open your assignment in the testincident process and choose you group, all groups are listed. If you save the assignment and choose you group now, the correct 3 groups are shown.

          The problem at this point is, before you can link to other objects you have to save the assignment. After the save, the link is created in the database and now your filter would work but that's too late...

          Thats a annoying limitation but as far as I know there is no chance to reference to other objects before saving the action.

          The only things you can reference are attributes that belongs to the BO itself.

          For example you can create a string attribute on your assignment called lifecycle, create a copy rule, that fills your lifecycle attribute with the lifecycle name and you build your condition on this string attribute. Not very smart but that should work...

          If you like, you can vote on this ER, hopefully this will be possible in the future:




          Kind regrads


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            Thanks Christian.


            Definitely an annoying limitation, I'l have a look at your suggested workaround as this is something that could be required more and more as we expand.


            I'll get voting on the ER now



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              Hey Guys,


              I faced the same problem and found this article.

              I wanted a filter on Group level during an assignment but only for change assignments, not for the other modules.


              I know this is an old post but i stumbled upon it so others might too...


              I finally managed to fix this using a conditional filter with a condition on Class Type\Client Class.

              This field is filled in when you open an empty assignment window and contains a value like this:   Touchpaper.ClientClasses.ChangeManagement.ChangeAssignment   (example for change management)


              The result would look something like this:




              We are on 7.7.2 which is latest version at the moment.


              Best regards,