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    Confused about adding drivers

    PatJ2014 Apprentice

      I am trying to deploy an image to a different laptop model. The image deploys fine, but configuration stops because the driver for the new laptop is not loaded. Where do I add the driver to fix this? Do I add it to HII or to WinPE? If I have to add it to WinPE, do I need to update the PXE Representatives?




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          JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

          Under Distribution in the Console use HII Driver Management and click on Build Library and you can specify the path and if you are using Preferred Servers be sure that path get replicated as well. We use the ldmain\landesk\files\ directory and just have a Drivers folder which gets replicated to our Preferred Servers so that when imaging it uses the Preferred Servers to get drivers via HII. http://help.landesk.com/Topic/Index/ENU/LDMS/9.5/Content/Windows/osd_hii_t_driver_repository.htm


          here are some articles to help:

          About the LANDESK HII Driver Repository

          How to manage drivers Using the HII Tool

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            jaysmith SupportEmployee

            Hi PatJ2014,


            You will need to add the driver through HII.  However, before it can be added to HII you will need to download and locate the correct driver.  If you go to HII Driver Management on  your core, and click "Build Library", the HII Driver Repository Manager window will open up.  In this window, you will see the "Root UNC path where driver files are stored".  Make sure you copy the correct driver to this path.


            Alternatively, you can go to Tools -> Security and Compliance -> Patch and compliance, and then click the "Download Updates" button on the toolbar.  The Download Updates wizard will open and you can select your particular brand of device if it is listed.  The window is pretty self explanatory. 


            Whichever method you choose, once you have the correct drivers downloaded, go back to HII Driver Management and click on Build Library -> Save to build your driver library.  Once built, the correct drivers can be referenced in your Provisioning Template under HII. 

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              PatJ2014 Apprentice

              Thanks for the help Jay. I am still having trouble though. I installed the NIC card driver on the laptop and I copied the driver folder to the core server where the UNC path of the HII Driver Repository Manager Points to.


              I also tried to alternate method, but the only thing I could see related to security updates and nothing about drivers.


              Unfortunately, I am not using a provisioning template. I am imaging using OSD. I recently took over the server and am still learning.




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                jaysmith SupportEmployee

                In that case PatJ2014, I suggest opening a case.  This will enable us to perform in depth troubleshooting and review log files to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.


                To open a support case, visit: