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    Add child incident - default query can't change criteria


      Hello all,


      In my problem process, I activate the optional action instance "add child incident". When the user click on it, it open a query, where you can choose from all incident. After quick a long search, I finally find that this query is the "Default incident query". I tried to personalise this query, but it's look like I can't change any criteria from this query.


      I wish to remove the Lifecycle criteria, which is not relevant to this action, and set the status is equal to closed, but I can't do any of those changes. Any changes I do in the attributes works well though.


      Anyone can tell me how come I can't change those criteria, or how can I change the query chose for the "add child incident"?


      Thank you!

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          First I would verify this is the correct query you are looking for.  This should be the correct query, but check Object Designer to be sure.

          Object Designer --> Incident Management --> Incident -->  Query - Default Query


          This field should be the query you are currently using when you click add child incident.


          What I would do is copy the Default query and modify the copy how ever you like.  Then go back to Object Designer and change it to the new query.  Of course name it something different so that it is easily identifiable.  Upon selecting the query in Object Designer, it should set it for the action.


          I have modified ours to use a prompt user for the incident number/ref number.  this allows us to find the exact one immediately, as opposed to flipping through a lot of pages.


          Hope this helps,


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            Hello mmorales,


            Actually, my default query in objectDesigner - Incident Management - Incident is called "All Incidents" and it's different from the "default incident query" which prompt when I click on "add child incident" in my problem process.