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    CSAT - Only send one per day to a user


      Hi - Hopefully a quick question


      We have setup a customer survey to fire out 1 in every 10 incidents closed.

      We're using the formula below to complete this but a question has been asked if we can limit this to only send one survey per day to the same user (some users can raise several incidents in one day ....) - anyone any ideas?


      import System

      static def GetAttributeValue(Incident):

      Frequency = 10

      is_divisible = false

      if Incident.RaiseUser != null:

        if Incident.RaiseUser._DoNotSurvey == null:

         is_divisible = (Incident.Id % Frequency == 0)

        if Incident.RaiseUser._DoNotSurvey != null:

         if Incident.RaiseUser._DoNotSurvey.ToString() == 'False':

          is_divisible = (Incident.Id % Frequency == 0)

      return is_divisible