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    Can I have a "multi-select" reference list as part of Request?

    csoto Specialist

      Based on Multi Select List, I'd suspect the answer is "no," but I wanted to see if this is changed or if there are any other ideas.


      Essentially, we are creating a new "Event Support Request" Process. This is NOT related to Event Manager, but rather is a process to track the support of actual physical events occurring in our facilities. One of the desires from the support team is to have a list of "Event Requirements" for a given Request. These include things like "Internet Streaming" or "Panel Table" or "Multiple Microphones," which I could create as a Reference List.


      From my understanding of the above article, I would need to create a Event Requirements Collection on Request and use a "Add Event Requirement" action to Request. I'm a bit confused as to how to create the Window necessary to add these. Under which Object would that Window live? I'm looking for something like the "Add Affected User" Action in Incident. That brings up a simple window with a drop-down of Affected Users.


      Ideally, however, this has been enhanced (but indications are it is not).




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