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    Query - criteria : using key words


      Hello all,


      I created a query "search all problems", and I had many criterias as "prompt user to specify value" to help the technician to find the proper ticket they need. I used the condition "contains" for the description and the summary, but this criteria doesn't do exactly what I need. I would like the user to be able to type down many key words in the search box, and it search for those key words separetly.


      For example, if someone type down "Outlook email synchronisation", it could get something like "User had a trouble with his email on Outlook, it was a synchronisation problem..."

      Right now, the "contains" option search for the words as they follow each other, so it will only get us the ticket which are typed "outlook email synchronisation" together.


      I tried different meta search symbole as: outlook + email , outlook . email, "outlook" "email", outlook & email, outlook AND email, outlook && email, etc...


      Nothing seems to works. Can anyone tell me if their is a way to do that?


      Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english!