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    Change IP address of establshed LD Management Gateway


      Hi, we are planning to change the IP address of an established Landesk Management Gateway. The conditions are:


      1. There is only 1 ethernet connection for the appliance.

      2. There is no possibility of adding another ethernet cable for the other ethernet connection.

      3. The only access are via Web Console and Putty. No access to the appliance physically.

      4. Ability to revert back in-case the change of IP fails.

      5. IP address are from different VLAN.


      The IP address is currently configured in eth0


      If I add another IP address for eth0 (number 2) and deleted the original eth0 (number 1), save the settings and change the VLAN accordingly from the network switch side. Will this procedure work and will let me access the web console? This procedure is a risk as if it fails, I will not have access to the appliance to fix it. So we want to be careful with the change of IP address.


      Or will it need reboot after the change of IP Address is done?


      Maybe you have done the change of IP address before with almost the same conditions as above.


      Hope to hear from you! Thanks in advance.