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    How to send independent warnings and critical email Alerts

    carlos Expert

      When configuring a memory alert, there are 2 levels, Warning and Critical.

      In the Action--> send email there is not option to relate which one is for Warning or Critical. I'm receiving the alerts, but I get the exact same message/email for both, and when the system is fixed, I don not get a "System Back to Normal" I still get the same message as for warning and Critical. I do get the right messages in the logs, but not on my emails. Do I need to configure different messages and how?

      Also. shouldn't I receive notification every time the Polling interval is reached, if the problem persist?

      I'm only getting 1 message on first occurrence and 1 message if is fixed.

      (Edit, I'm getting some random emails, see times in the last picture)

      (Edit, I did received a lot of emails during the weekend, not in the expected time interval but I did get emails, I guess it kind of works, I do not expect to set the alerts every 2 min of course, that was just a test. The first 2 questions still remain)

      I tried to find additional info, with no luck.

      Any help is appreciated.

      Thank you.