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    After Upgrade to LDMS 9.6 Profile Restore Changed/Broke


      We've been using the profile backup and restore features in LDMS for quite a while and it has been working well for us until we updated to 9.6.  How this has been done till now is that if someone needs to replace a computer or reimage an existing one they run a backup provisioning task, then reimage the computer, and then run a restore provisioning task to restore profiles.  The backup was placed in a network share under the computer name, so as long as they were using the same computer name it would grab the correct restore and put it back.  After the 9.6 update it still backs up the profiles using the computer name, but it appends the computer ID to the end of the file as well.  So where before the file was <COMPNAME>.sma, it is now <COMPNAME>-prov<COMPID>.sma.  The problem with the is that when the computer is replaced it gets a new computer ID and looks for the backup filed named with the new computer ID.  We can look up the new computer ID and rename the file with it and it works fine, but I'd like to change it so that it doesn't append the computer ID so we don't have to do that.  For the life of me I can't find where to do this.  Does anyone know where to do this, or is there a new way that I can use to do this without the manual step of changing that computer ID?




      - Bryan