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    Error when changing SubDataType to HTML


      Hello all,


      I got this error message when I was trying to change the SubDataType of the Body attribute from Request Management - Reminder:



      Anyone can help me on this one?


      I did change the Body attribute from Problem Management - Reminder without any problem, but I don't know why it won't works under Request Management...


      Thanks for your help!

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          Hi mfontaine,


          I'm having the same problem. Did you manage to fix it?


          Thanks for the help,

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            Hello pmendes,


            Yes, I did manage to fix it. I had to call support for their help. I can give you the sql request you need to do in order to fix it, but if you're not confortable with SQL, you better let landesk support help you.



            select * from md_database_column where md_name = 'ubr_body_html'


            You will get all the ubr_body_html already existing in you database. It's where it get tricky, you need to find which one is not working properly. That probably where you gonna need support to help you, else you can try different query to find out which one is the subdatatype of your actual process. (in other words, you have one ubr_body_html there which is the one for incident, another one for problem, for request, task incident, etc.)


            Once you have find the right md_guid to use, you can delete it in order to be able to change the subdatastring. At this point, backup your database before, and if possible, try it on dev environment. Do this at your own risk!:


            delete from md_database_column where md_guid = '4C3F46DB-6978-4848-B26C-FA09085641F2'

            alter table im_reminder drop column ubr_body_html


            im_reminder if it's from Incident, rm_reminder if it's from Request, etc.


            Hope it help you!