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    Some Scan Dates Don't Update

    JQuaglietta Apprentice

      So, I did some research first and found a few threads about this issue and I've gone through some steps recommended in them, but still can't find an answer.


      We are running 9.6 SP1 in our environment.

      There are several devices that are not updating the Last Hardware Scan, Last Software Scan and Last Policy Sync Dates.

      Other dates, such as Definition Scan, Security Check, Vulnerability Scan are current, and therefore, Last Updated by Inventory Server is as well, as expected.


      If an Inventory Scan is launched manually from the device (All Programs - LANDesk Management - Inventory Scan), it works properly and the device record is updated in the console.

      However, if a scan is executed on the device from the console (Right Click - Inventory Scan - Full Sync Scan), it finishes in ~30 seconds and the non-current dates mentioned above still do not update.

      I've also tried to deploy the "inventoryscanner" script in Manage Scripts, however, that fails with the error "The system cannot find the file specified".

      The "Restore Client Records" script completes Successfully, but the dates remain unchanged.


      I've checked the ErrorScan folder in LDSCAN (along with the other Error folders) and the scan is not getting dumped there.

      There is also no Inventory Server errors in Event Viewer.


      The agent has been removed completely (using UninstallWinClient.EXE) and reinstalled via self contained EXE.

      After the uninstall/reinstall, it is up to date in the console, but eventually the problem scans fall behind.


      Anything else I can try?


      Any input/suggestions would be appreciated.



      Thank You!

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          Can you look in the Inventory of the device under LANDESK Management - Local Scheduler - Scheduled Tasks if the Inventory Scans are configured correct? There should be 1 or 2 tasks running the LDISCN32.exe...



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            JQuaglietta Apprentice


            Yes, there are 2 Scheduled Tasks for LDISCN32.EXE, but they are out of date.


            From the Inventory:


            Command Line /noui

            Executable Path - C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\ldiscn32.exe

            Number 7

            Start Time 6/18/2015 11:26:49 PM


            Command Line /mini /noui

            Executable Path - C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\ldiscn32.exe

            Number 8

            Start Time 6/19/2015 9:23:00 AM


            6/19/2015 is also the date of the Last Software Scan, which is when the client was uninstalled and reinstalled.


            Anything else I can check?







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              Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

              There should be some filters there too... Time of day/Logon, etc. Can you post these too? You can also make a screenshot of your agent Inventory Settings if that's easier.



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                JQuaglietta Apprentice



                Here’s all the Inventory Scan settings:







                If you need any other info, let me know.





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                  If last updated by Inventory is update to date but last hardware scan date is not then likely your scans from that device are being rejected.


                  If possible manually request a scan from the device, watch to see if its scan file shows up in ldscan\errorscan\. If it is check the eventviewer and see what the error / warning message is. You should also check errorbigscan to see if it is going there.

                  Based on the event you get back is how we will have to fix the problem.




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                    JQuaglietta Apprentice



                    Per my original post, I had verified that the scan is not getting dumped into the ErrorScan or ErrorBigScan folders.


                    There are also no errors in the Event Viewer.


                    The scan is processed properly when it's initiated from the client and the record is fully updated.


                    However, any other Inventory Scan (scheduled per the agent or initiated by the core) is not working, so that's where I'm stuck.



                    Thank you for the reply though.

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                      To investigate this you will want to turn on store scans in the advanced inventory settings as well as log statistics. Then do a core initiated scan from right click and task.

                      Note that the right click scan function is initiated by vulscan through the management agent, so it works differently than what is done through your local scheduler task.


                      You will look through the event viewer to see if a scan even processed. If it didnt try a right click security scan to the same device and see if that succeeds.

                      If your inventory succeeds you will see an event for it in the application event log and it will be stored in your storage folder. If neither succeed then its possible the problem is rooted in the core initiated process which would take further troubleshooting.


                      Remember to turn store scans and log statistics off when you are done troubleshooting.




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                        JQuaglietta Apprentice



                        I enabled the settings you recommended and launched an Inventory Scan and a Security Scan from the core.


                        I did not find any .SCN files for the target device in the Storage folder and I did not see any entries in Event Viewer  - Application Log for it either (there were others, but not my target).


                        However, as I mentioned in my post, a manual scan works.


                        I had the end user initiate a scan from his system.  I saw the .SCN file briefly appear in the LDSCAN folder and then it disappeared after it was processed.

                        The device record in the console was then update and all the scan dates are current.




                        Is there something on the core I should check next or is this still something local to the client?




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                          Hey, so if your event viewer did not have an event 4 for started processing scan then the machine never completed sending the scan to the core. Also check to see if you are able to request a security scan from the device using your core.

                          At this point you may want to open a case with support as investigating this will probably take multiple steps to figure out.