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    7.8.1 BridgeIT end user log in: An Error has Occurred


      Hi All,


      I'm in the process of testing Service Desk 7.8.1 (Currently on 7.8) and I've discovered our End User accounts can't log into Fuse/BridgeIT, the POST with the user credentials returns a http 500 with the message: "An Error has Occurred".


      The same accounts can log into the old style Self Service (7.8.1) without problem, and they are able to log into the 7.8 BridgeIT without issue. Analyst accounts _can_ log into our test 7.8.1 BridgeIT site.


      I've turned logging on for the framework the BridgeIT instance is pointed at and as far as I can tell there's no errors. The authentication succeeds, a bunch of DatabaseAccess calls succeed but then the HTTP 500 is returned to the web app.


      Anyone run into this or have any ideas?