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    Some Inventory>Package data missing since moving to 9.6 SP2

    brad.e.smith Apprentice

      I was preparing some software deployment verification docs for our helpdesk in reference to a piece of software we've tested and are about to release. In looking for the item used in terms of this verification, I discovered it and its predecessor aren't listed in Inventory>Software>Package as it is in our 9.5 core. I ran a full sync scan on the targeted machine with no luck. I then checked several machines that would be getting this software in the deployment. They are all missing that same Software>Package in their inventory as well.


      Still cutting my LANDESK teeth here so I'm not sure how I would co about resolving this.

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          Hey Brad, first make sure this executable has been run on a machine. Second make sure your devices are sending all executed software in your configuration - agent settings - inventory settings - scanner settings. If both of those are true please make sure the application header actually contains all the expected fields, if there is no header info then it will not appear in inventory as an executed application.