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    How to name computers when provisioning


      I am provisioning multiple computers and have added all the MAC addresses into a bare metal server.

      The provisioning all works fine but once its done all the computers have the same name as the bare metal server.

      How do I give them unique names in a series for example ADMIN-001, ADMIN-002
      In the unattended script I have the command line <ComputerName>%ldHostname%</ComputerName>

      In the provisioning template for the CTOS action, I have not checked the 'Insert Unique ID'

      What am I doing wrong?

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          There are many different ways to prestage devices with the final name to the LANDESK Management Suite.

          The variable ldHostname will be used during deployment for setting the Name. By default this variable will point to your devicename of your computer in the LANDesk Management Suite.


          You can single devices under all Devices,  add single or multiple devices under bare metal Server even with csv Support.

          Or you can use the CSVImport.exe tool within the Management Suite Directory.


          Here is an example of using bare metal server:

          1) Add Devices under Bare Metal Server from Network view

          2) Just click add



          3) Enter mac-address and name for this single device, then click add and then ok


          4) Repeat Steps 2 to 3 until all devices are added.

          Should look like the screenshot below. Finally click ok and all devices will be set up under bare metal Server



          5) Just refresh the view and you should see all devices, from where you can drag and drop to your provisioning task. They will now get the name you provided. (Admin-001 and Admin-002)


          Hope this helps you a Little bit.

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            Thanks for that, i knew it would be something simple