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    Using a calculation to toggle a checkbox


      On my Incident Note window, I have a checkbox for Notify Raise User and a checkbox for Is Private. The Is Private checkbox prevents anyone who is not an analyst from being able to see the note from within an Incident. The problem is that even though end users can't see the note from within the Incident, they still receive an email with the contents of the note because the Notify Raise User is checked by default. Our preferred behavior would be that if Is Private is true, then Notify Raise User is false and ReadOnly. If Is Private is false, then Notify Raise User remains true and read/write enabled.


      Can somebody help me with a calculation that would enable this? 

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          You could just put in a decision in the workflow after the "Add Note" action that says is "IS PRIVATE" true and if it is then have it branch out to an email reminder and if it's not go to another email that goes to the user.


          If you want to do a checkbox calculation you'd have to write it as a BeforeSave on the notify user to set it to false if the IS PRIVATE is true.  Set a dependency of the IS PRIVATE and set it to Is Calculate on Change on the form itself.  Keep in mind, this will ALWAYS have the notify user as a read only field.


          Something like this:


          Value = true


          if ISPRIVATE != null:

              if ISPRIVATE == true:

                 Value = false

          return Value