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    Service Desk Email Not Creating Tickets - Sometimes


      I had a previous ticket open on this that was resolved, however the issue appears to have returned and I'd like to know if there is something I could check myself.


      At random times, most recently this morning, Service Desk will stop creating tickets when emails are forwarded to one or more of our mapped mailboxes which in turn get converted into Calls, Incidents or Requests.


      I've checked the event log on the server and it's clean. The emails are being generated in the mapped mailbox. We use O365.


      Twice when I've noticed this issue, it cleared up on it's own. It's like Service Desk just decided to go on strike and stop creating anymore tickets. Then later it will start working again.


      The inbound/outbound mail service is/was running without any issue as far as I could tell. Is there any log file that can be checked? The mail mappings are currently working, so not sure how to troubleshoot something that isn't currently broke.

      We're running 7.7.3 and will be upgraded when we migrate to SaaS next month. Any ideas greatly appreciated.