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    Service Request SLA

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      I started to work on with the Service Level for Service Request. I already created the response level (1BD, 2BD, NoLimit). We want to initially set the SLA in the Termination Request, I changed the response level of the Parent Term Request to 1BD using the template Designer, but in the Child Term Request it has a P3 response level. We want to set the Child Term Request response Level to NoLimit but I can't change the response level using the template designer. Thank you.

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          When you create a child from a parent I'm afraid the template will not take affect. This is a known problem which has been given problem number: 5866 - "Template can be set on manual "Create Child..." actions in Process Designer but is not used"


          You could instead set up a calculation on the Response Level action for the Create Child where you set the value to the relevant response level.


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