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    HIIClient.exe - Failed to download the driver.db3 file - HII will not continue


      LDMS 9.6


      I am having issues while running HIIClient.exe - I believe it's a security issue with writing the file to the local disk.


      If I run HIIClient.exe /preview (via cmd.exe) from my Win7 machine (I am a local admin) - it fails (Failed to download the driver.db3 file - HII will not continue)

      if I run it with raised privileges (run cmd as admin) it works fine - leading me to believe it is failing to WRITE the file to C:\Windows\LDDriverStore directory


      When running HIIClient.exe via my provisioning tasks in WinPE, it fails - (same error as above)


      I'm wondering if anyone else has/is experiencing the same issue - and any solutions.


      Attached is the HIIClient.log file