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    How to move a template


      Greetings.  I am using LANDesk 9.6 SP2.  I am trying to organize templates I have created for various purposes.  I would like to group certain templates together in specific folders or groups.  If I right click on "All My Templates", I can create a new group, but I can't move a template to the group.  It only makes a shortcut to the template in the original location.  Even if I select "Cut" and then "Paste", it still just drops a shortcut, and I still have the same mass listing of templates in the main group.


      Is there anyway to move a template, both locked and unlocked versions to a different group or folder, without creating a shortcut?

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          steve.may Apprentice

          Templates are only stored in "All Templates".  Only shortcuts are created in each new folder you create.


          We found this out the hard way.  One of our tech copied and pasted templates into other folders and started making changes to them.  Of course this messed everything up.  We now know you need to "clone" a template before making any changes.

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            Thanks Steve..  That is truly frustrating and really doesn't make any sense as to why we can't move them as we see fit...  It would be nice to see the ability to move templates as we please as part of any next Service Pack.  I'm going to move just my unlocked templates into my new folder structure and work from there.  I guess I'll get used to it...