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    "Scan at login" behavior?

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      First of all, apologies if this has been asked somewhere else before, but search returned nothing.


      Anyways, I'm looking for a little more information on the "scan at log in" flag in Inventory options for the agent. I'm trying to avoid anything that will significantly increase log in times (many users have extremely large profiles, so login times are already terrible for a number of users... Not My Department!). Is there a way to tell the "login" inventory scan to run a basic /F scan? I'm mostly interested in keeping Login Name, Primary Owner etc inventory information up to date, and leave the rest of the scan up to the daily and weekly inventory scans.




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          Hi Max, by default each inventory scan starting in LD9.6 is a /F scan (delta with software) and doesnt need you to adjust the local scheduler task or settings. The inventory server on the core will tell it if it needs to sync up (adding the /SYNC parameter).

          By default, devices will only be told they can send software once per day.


          The only reasons a device SYNCs (sending the full sized scan) are if its the very first scan after install, do delta = 0 (configure services), the device is out of sync, or the /SYNC commandline is used.



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