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    New Dell E5550 Boots to Winpe but fails with this network adaptor not in permissible state.

    MrGadget Expert

      I'm running 9.6 SP2

      This is a brand new Dell Latitude E5550 Laptop.

      I Manually boot to PXE, Get F8 the choose provisioning.

      It loads WinPe I see the Drivers load, It shows the partions, then Disk 0 is now the selected disk, The operation completed suscessfully

      IP addresses::  Waiting for IP address........................................................

      Timed out

      Windows Ip Configuration

      The operation failed as no adaptor is in the state permissible for this operation.

      After a while longer it has a message referring me to a Landesk doc on how to install a driver in WinPe


      I had installed the Windows 8 64 bit driver in WinPE, same failure. Removed that driver and installed the 8.1 64 bit driver to winPE, still failed.

      I installed the Windows 8 32 bit driver, still failed. (Note I redeployed the Pxe Representative evertime I added a driver to WinPE.)


      I called Dell and they had me install the newest driver then call back but it was the same one I had. Dell wasn't much help.