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    HII problems with Dell Precision m6800


      Hi all,


      Got our first Dell M6800 laptop in this week, am getting Win7 x64 drivers prepped for OSP with HII....downloaded the latest Dell enterprise driver pack for this model, imported into the driver library, assigned the needed drivers.


      For whatever reason, when attempting OSP, HII just will not download two specific driver files...one's not terribly important, the Dell touchpad driver (specifically the file DellTPAD.exe) and the Centrino Untimate N drivers, which are much more important (netwsw00.sys specifically).    I just cannot determine why these two specific files aren't able to be downloaded....I have tried UNC as well as HTTP, I can manually download both files either way, but HII doesn't seem to be able to.


      HIIclient.log doesn't seem to indicate any problems other than the failed DISM command at the end, return code 2.   The files are listed in the list of files to be downloaded


      Setupapi.offline.log shows the following errors for each file...


      !!!  flq: Error installing file (0x00000002)

      !!!  flq: Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified.

      !    flq:      SourceFile   - 'c:\Windows\LDDriverStore\M6800-win7-A05-DPCCC\M6800\win7\x64\input\323GH_A00-00\win7x64\production\Windows7-x64\DellTPad.exe'

      !    flq:      TargetFile   - 'c:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\apfiltr.inf_amd64_neutral_8c7ba743a1167e82\DellTPad.exe'

      !!!  sto: Failed to copy file 'c:\Windows\LDDriverStore\M6800-win7-A05-DPCCC\M6800\win7\x64\input\323GH_A00-00\win7x64\production\Windows7-x64\DellTPad.exe' to 'c:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\apfiltr.inf_amd64_neutral_8c7ba743a1167e82\DellTPad.exe'. Error = 0x00000002


      !!!  flq: Error 995: The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request.

      !!!  flq: FileQueueCommit aborting!

      !!!  flq: Error 995: The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request.

      !!!  sto: Failed to copy driver package to 'c:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\apfiltr.inf_amd64_neutral_8c7ba743a1167e82'. Error = 0x00000002

      !!!  sto: Failed to import driver package into Driver Store. Error = 0x00000002



      Checking that source location, the file is in fact not there....I assume that means it was never downloaded from the driver store.   So....what else should I look at to find out why?   I am really stumped.



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          LANDave SupportEmployee

          A few things.


          I am not sure what version of LDMS you are on, but I would strongly encourage you to move to LANDESK OS Provisioning.   It is an extremely stable and well-thought out solution that provides a lot of flexibility and options.   Not just for Image Deployment, but for true end-to-end provisioning.


          The HII detection capabilities have been enhanced, including the ability to run a second HII pass after it boots back into Windows.


          There is a possibility you may want to get a later patch.


          What version of LDMS are you at and at what patch level?

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            Jon Miller Apprentice



            Over a year later, however I am running into this issue as well recently. I am on 9.6sp2 and it is happening in the first phase of the HII in Post-OS installation. It is only happening to a few drivers, specifically on a Dell Latitude E5450 and the drivers are a couple of chipset drivers and one of the video drivers for the 5500 built in card. I currently have a severity 1 ticket open with some of the engineers because we cannot figure out what is halting the copying of drivers from the lddriverstore on the c drive to the windows system32 driverstore on the c drive inside of the windows pe.

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              Just an FYI, I never did get a real fix for this, but I did develop a workaround of sorts.     In the Post-OS installation section of the OSP template, before HII, I put a copy step that grabs troublesome driver files from my driver repository and copies them to C:\windows\LDDriverStore\<path HII should have copied it to>.   These drivers are then able to be automatically installed if needed, or ignored if not.    I can still have the same template for all of my systems this way.



              Its a bit hacky, but it was adequate for my purposes at least.

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                Jon Miller Apprentice

                Unfortunately, my problem lies one step after that. The process won't take the driver files from C:\windows\LDDriverStore\ and put them in the C:\windows\system32\driverstore directory which is where they belong in order for the OS to install the drivers upon initial boot. Dang it! At least this is my understanding in the hours and hours of conversations I've had with support on this issue.

                Thanks for the update though, it's good to know that even the old threads and posts are still being monitored!

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                  Interesting....so your files did arrive in the LDDriverStore, but didn't get copied to C:\windows\system32\  ...  that is pretty strange.


                  I would think that maybe you could modify my fix a little for your situation....instead of doing a copy step to get the driver files into LDDriverStore like I did, maybe copy them directly to the final destination in C:\windows\system32\   ?   


                  Obviously this is not as good as making HII work right, but it might be a workaround for the time being. 


                  I would love to hear what the LanDesk support folks come up with tho, please keep us updated...it might give me some clues to fix my similar issue.     

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                    Jon Miller Apprentice

                    I thought about modifying the copy step but I'm not sure what switches are used when copying over to the Window\system32 directory, if they force overwriting the current contents if they are already there... I'm might give it a try today if I get a moment (keyword is "if" hahaha). I will keep you updated!

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                      JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

                      Have you tried changing your HII repository where the files are on the share from: \M6800-win7-A05-DPCCC\M6800\win7\x64\input\323GH_A00-00\win7x64\production\Windows7-x64\DellTPad.exe to: LDDriverStore\M6800\win7\x64\input\323GH_A00-00\win7x64\DellTPad.exe and then update your HII driver store? Just to see if its a length issue. Or right-click the file and go to properties and be sure they are unblocked?

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                        Jon Miller Apprentice

                        Yes I have tried changing around the repository location and I believe the length in Windows 7/8 for maximum size on path size is like 255 character... I think.. either way, I don't come close to that. All files are unblocked. Thanks for the suggestions, I am still awaiting an answer from support.

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                          JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

                          Have you tried creating a Provisioning Task before HII to delete the C:\windows\LDDriverStore\ just to ensure there aren't residual drivers in there from capturing an image? I used this once for a NIC that wouldn't install via HII.

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                            Jon Miller Apprentice

                            I will definitely give this a try- good idea! I will have to do this tomorrow or Wednesday because I am working remotely today without a pxe rep on this subnet and I don't have a test device with me.

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                              Jon Miller Apprentice

                              Alright... I have managed to fix the issue myself. Below is the response I sent to the engineer in my ticket and hopefully will help the next person that stumbles upon this thread! What a pain the @ss


                              Brittany- I believe I have successfully resolved this issue on my own. All drivers install now successfully, 100% of the time on this model notebook. I have not introduced any other drivers for other makes/models or other architectures yet, but have a feeling this will work alright now. I did figure out that LANDesk is not cataloging the SMBus chipset driver correctly. LANDesk is not listing the device ID's of the corresponding .inf driver files in the chipset driver pack 35P7F. After figuring out a trick to actually find the drivers in the Driver Assignment tool, I assigned it appropriately and viola! Prior to all of this, I completely deleted (after making a backup of course) everything in my driver repository location then rebuilt the library to verify it was at a zero count. I then rebooted the core, unpacked the freshly downloaded cab file from Dell's site and added in ONLY the x64 drivers and the 2 other WinPE cabs (version 5 and 10 for compatibility). Rebuilt the driver library and did a rough count verification that the drivers were cataloged. I was given a tip by someone on your help desk that I should not use LANDesk patch and compliance update tool to download driver packs- it was mentioned that sometimes the drivers are written wrong and not everything is always there, it is always a coin toss with it.



                              I hope this helps to answer some of your questions. Please feel free to reach out to me. Thanks for your help and patience.