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    Help with Mac Provisioning




      Im wondering if anyone can direct me to some better documentation on deploying Mac images. I have beeb reading thry the docs but it seems they are incomplete or make too many assumptions.



      Here is where I'm at right now:

      -LD 9.6 core, full patched as of dec 2015

      -I have two OSX servers I can use, one is on 10.11.3 and other other 10.10.5. Both are running OS X Server, with Netinstall running.


      -I built the ndi for 10.11.3 with my core and osx server blessed. I also have a nbi for 10.10.5. - both work and when I option boot get me to the template list

      -My image is a DMG with all my software on it. I captured it manually not with LD. We were deploying this image via TB cable.


      im not sure what the next steps are... I can netboot, see the template list, run my deploy template.. it just gets a red X on the first item and stops. I have messed around with it with no luck. I feel a bit blind as I cant find any good "Start to Finish 9.6 docks"




      Thanks for any help.