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    Percentage to Breach

    Vicky1985 Apprentice


      I would like to create a query based on the incident table.  I would like it to show only incidents which have breached the SLA and incidents which are about to breah by showing 50% and 75% too.


      Our SLAs are set at percentages and there is a change of colour to a circle when the incident reaches 50% 75% and 100% how do I get this to show in a query as a percent.

      E.G on a dashboard view I want each team to be able to see the incidents they have open at the moment which are at 50%, 75% or 100%.


      I have tried to set a query based on the escalation point but when you click on the incident from the webdesk view you only see the excalation point not the actual incident.

      I have tired to set it based on the incident but I cant seem to pick up percentages on this query.


      Any help would be appriciated.

      Thank you in advance


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          elizabethcombrink Expert

          Hi Vicky,


          I find the easiest and simplest way to achieve this is to set the Priority in your escalation actions as well. You can create additional priorities that make more sense eg 0%, 50%, 75%, 100% and set them at the correct place along with the colours. This then sets the value in the Priority field.


          Priority is an ordered list so you would be able to use the rank to sort, or to filter for breached and about to breach you want to display 75% and 100%, so use the criteria Priority.Rank >= 2 with these being the top 3 in the list

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            Vicky1985 Apprentice

            Hi Elizabeth,


            Thank you for your response I have checked and we have 50% 75% and 100% set in our escalation actions withing the fix time and with a colour change at each point.


            I tried to add priority rank on my query but this doesnt appear to resemble the above percentages so I am unable to see which points the incident is at.  I have been trying to work with escalation action time being one of the above percentages but im not 100% sure this is working.


            Thank you

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              elizabethcombrink Expert

              Hi Vicky, you would need to configure your escalation actions and the priorities themselves  as I described in order for there to be any correlation in the results

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                Vicky1985 Apprentice

                Hi Elizabeth


                Im sorry im new landesk and still trying to figure my way round all the configuration options.


                I beleive I have configured the escalation points as you mentioned above but I dont know how to configure it so that the percentages are the top in the list for priority rank please could you advise further?

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                  elizabethcombrink Expert

                  How did you configure your escalation actions to set the Priority?  What "rule" did you use?


                  Your colour "rule" for instance is: At 50% the colour changes to x, and at 75% to Orange and at 100% to Red.

                  What was the rule you used to set the Priority at the same point (50%, 75%, 100%)


                  And also please post a screenshot of the Priority Ordered List as you find it in Administration component. (in Ordered Lists, Process Management, Priority)

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                    Vicky1985 Apprentice

                    I didnt do this someone from landesk did this when he came to configure the system so im not sure what rule has been used for this.  We requested that the process urgency and imapct would set the overall priority of the incident however i know at the moment this isnt working and there is a problem open for it.


                    We use priority 1-5 each priority has green colour change at 50%, Orange colour change at 75% and Red colour change at 100%.

                    blow is the screen shot of the ordered list

                    Priority list.PNG

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                      elizabethcombrink Expert

                      Do not confuse this Priority with the Service Level / Response Level / that is also often called Priority, and is set by the impact and urgency :-)


                      Landesk would not have set up your escalation actions to set the Priority as I've described unless you asked for it to be done.  You will need to add to your escalation actions in the way that I have described.

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                        Vicky1985 Apprentice


                        this is screen shot of my escalation action from within the administration service level agreements and priority 1 for 50% as an example they have all been set like this please could you tell me if I am looking in the correct place?  this is what was set up originally by landesk.  im sorry I dont fully understand all the areas and im still very new to landesk so I need a bit more guidance your original insturctions dont make much sense to me as I dont feel like im looking in the right area?


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                          elizabethcombrink Expert

                          You are absolutely in the right place. On the right of that window you can also set the Priority.


                          I would rename your Priority 1 to 100%, Priority 2 to 75%,  Priority 3 to 50% and Priority 4 to 0% so when you select them on this window above its clear what you want to do.


                          You need to set the escalation actions in ALL your response levels you set up.

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                            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                            This method is fine if you want a visual indicator (percentage or even an image as used to be used in the LDSD Demo kit) of SLA percentage by using priority but IMHO it is better to leave the priority as a number and use this as the sort order for your query and then set them on the escalation points accordingly.  Below is an example of that and I know it doesn't answer your question from the angle you are coming at it.

                            It depends really want you want to achieve.  IMHO if I see 2 open Incidents at my workload list at 80%, I still would need to look at the Response Level to work out maybe that one is a Severity 1 and one is a Severity 4 and thus I should work on the former first;  well that's how most support teams usually work.  If you sort your workload list in ascending order on the priority column then automatically all of the important stuff goes to the top.


                            Obviously the above examples depend on how many response levels and escalation points breaks you have for each but the idea is to create an automatic drift on the most important Incidents to the top of the list first as they escalate. You'd need to play around to get the results you wanted but it is basically about staggering the priorities.


                            Hope this makes sense and just another (normal) way we tend to look at how Analysts prioritise their workload.

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