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    Provisioning Template failing on MS Surface Pro 3


      So, I have somebody at one of my remote sites trying to provision a Surface Pro 3. We're on LD 9,6 SP2 (if I remember correctly, not sure, I only handle the OSP portion).


      It consistently fails on this device at the same step: Create Default Partitions.


      We're on different preferred servers (I'm in BFE, GA, he's in Dallas, TX), but our content is all replicated from the same source on our Core. At my location, we've never had issues with similar devices that were not operator error (I've provisioned Surface Pro 4's and Surface Books before, as well as other UEFI enabled devices like Dell Venues and Precision 75xx) using the same template.


      Here's the log from PartitionHandler:


      2016-02-16 19:01:23(856-1176) PartitionHandler_x64.exe:Starting partition job.

      2016-02-16 19:01:23(856-1176) PartitionHandler_x64.exe:***** Creating default partition structure *****

      2016-02-16 19:01:23(856-1176) PartitionHandler_x64.exe: Moving volume C:\ to W:\.

      2016-02-16 19:01:23(856-1176) PartitionHandler_x64.exe: Using disk: 0

      2016-02-16 19:01:23(856-1176) PartitionHandler_x64.exe: UEFI Mode Detected.

      2016-02-16 19:01:23(856-1176) PartitionHandler_x64.exe: Creating EFI partition as S:, an unmounted MSR partition and Windows partition as C:.

      2016-02-16 19:01:23(856-1176) PartitionHandler_x64.exe:diskpart begin

      2016-02-16 19:01:23(856-1176) PartitionHandler_x64.exe:[command] diskpart -s X:\ldprovision\diskpart.txt

      2016-02-16 19:01:23(856-1176) PartitionHandler_x64.exe:[script]

      select disk=0


      convert gpt

      create partition efi size=100

      format fs=fat32 quick label=System

      assign letter=S

      create partition msr size=128

      create partition primary

      format fs=ntfs quick label=Windows

      assign letter=C


      2016-02-16 19:01:23(856-1176) PartitionHandler_x64.exe:diskpart end

      2016-02-16 19:02:41(856-1176) PartitionHandler_x64.exe:Command diskpart -s X:\ldprovision\diskpart.txt failed with -2147024809


      I've given up my search, my Google-Fu is returning nothing, and short of having him overnight me the device to try it, I'm out of options.


      Can anybody shed any light?