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    Unable to add a Filter as a Tab on a window


      I have created a Filter under System Filters and saved it.

      Then I go to the AB button in the Controls section of window manager and add a query tab to the bottom of the window.

      When I go the  properties of the Query tab I just added I am unable to see the Filter I just created and saved. 


      There are lots of other filters in the System Filter folder that do not show up in this list either,  There is one filter that does show up in the Query/Filter selection box.

      I just cannot seem to figure out what is different from the one that shows up in the query list and mine that does not.


      Has anyone run into this before and figured it out.

      We had a Consultant in that created the other filters and I don't know what he did to make his filter show up in the Query/Filter list box.


      Greg Williams