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    Configuring a Preferred Server and PXE rep


      Hello all,


      I will be making changes to our current imaging process. When we setup LANDesk imaging with our Vendor, we had temporarily setup the images to be captured and deployed from the core server (this is an offsite server). It takes about 30minutes to capture and  2 1/5 hours to deploy an image. In addition, the PXE rep is setup temporarily on a pc--this will have to be recreated. I wasn't involved when the Vendor had configured these, so I'm not to clear as far as what needs to be done to make the configurations. I have a couple of questions:

      When creating a VM for the PXE and Preferred Server, what OS should I use Windows Desktop or Server?

      Can I have the PXE and Preferred server on the same machine?


      The following are the steps I have planned after configuring the PXE rep and Preferred server:

      • Deploy PXE rep package to new PXE
      • Move Boot.wim file to the new PXE rep.
      • Move image files to the preferred server
      • Edit UNC paths in Templates

      Is there anything else I am missing?