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    Change Mailbox


      I am new to this process so would appreciate a little help.  I have upgraded Change and a new Change Mailbox has been created and pointed the reminders and assignments to the Mailbox. Unfortunately the emails are not being generated.  I would appreciate some pointers as to where to check that I have set it up correctly for the emails to be sent from the Reminders and Assignments.  Thank you

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          Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee

          Hi Elaine,


          First things first (normally a good place to start!)


          1. Is the outbound mail service running?
          2. Is background services running?
          3. When you test the outbound mail connection in Administration > Mail does it connect?



          Let me know and we can go from there.



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            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

            Hi Elaine


            When you say Emails are not being generated; that suggests outbound mails but the changes were to create an inbound mail mailbox for Change so a bit conflicting here a tad.


            Open the reminder or assignment in the process first to see if it looks well constructed;  ie user/group/role fields are populated.  If that looks OK then we can look in the tps_user_message and tps_user_message_recipient tables to see if the mails have reached the outbound mail service processing queues. 


            I already talked you through checking if the credentials work successfully when you use the TEST button as Andrew mentions above but as I said it has to be done logged into console on the APP server as there is only a IMAP transport rule in exchange setup between the APP and Exchange servers so outside of that exchange will bounce the test and it will appear failed;  I assume it tested OK but again this is for outbound mails and not related to the Change Mailbox you mention.


            The services otherwise must be running as you are getting mails from other processes BUT as you've changed the credentials on the Inbound Change mailbox then restarting the Inbound mail service would be appropriate step as well. Check the windows event logs for any errors too.


            I can help further if you want offline.



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              Thank you very much for your help it is now up and running

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                Hello Mark - thank you very much for your response it is now and running