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    PXE deployment questions


      Is it possible to deploy the pxe rep service to a machine without an installed agent?  Also -are there any licensing concequences to doing so?

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          RickS SupportEmployee



          Since I need to go from what is officially supported, here are the requirements from our User's Guide:


          "• Operating system: Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.
          For Windows NT and 2000, ensure that the Microsoft MSI service is running (XP includes
          MSI by default). If you have installed the latest service pack for either OS, MSI service
          should be running. Otherwise, you can deploy it to the target PXE representative from the
          console by following these steps: Click Tools | Distribution | Scheduled tasks, click the
          Schedule script toolbar button, select the MSI service deployment task, click OK, drag
          the target devices to the window, and click the Set start time button to schedule the MSI
          service deployment.

          • Installed LANDesk agents: Enhanced Software Distribution agent and Inventory Scanner
          agent. For information about installing agents, see the Installation and Deployment Guide."

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            This should work fine as long as you follow the instructions in the PXE Representative deployment script that LANDesk would use to distribute.  Copy the files to the appropriate locations and launch what needs to be launched. Copy the folder structure that you would see on a normal managed client that you put the rep on 


            What won't happen that way is for the rep to appear in your inventory and allow you to choose it for any tasks.  You could get this by launching an inventory scan using ldiscn32.exe from the core server's logon share.  This last piece will consume a license though.


            I haven't tried this since around 8.6 so I'm not sure if anything has changed apart from the way the files are copied (used to all get installed by the osdrep.msi file).


            Mark Star - MarXtar LANDesk Enhancements

            Home of Power State Notifier & Wake-On-WAN for LANDesk


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              Thanks Mark,  I'll give it a shot and see what success we have.